Welcome to Mailman Web’s documentation!

Mailman 3 web is an umbrella Django project that combines all the web components of Mailman 3 into a single project that can be installed with a single command and configured using a TOML configuration file.


To install mailman-web using pip run the following command:

$ pip install mailman-web


To run Django’s development server, you can try:

$ DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=mailman_web.settings django-admin migrate
$ DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=mailman_web.settings django-admin runserver


Mailman Web can be customized using a TOML configuration file called mailman-web.toml. The default locations where this configuration is searched for (in order):

  • /etc/mailman-web.toml
  • /etc/mailman3/mailman-web.toml
  • ./mailman-web.toml

A basic configuration can look like this:

# mailman-web.toml

BASE_DIR = '.'

SECRET_KEY = 'This a very secrety key that should be changed.'

['Mailman Suite Admin', 'root@localhost'],

# Application definition

ENGINE = 'django.db.backends.sqlite3'
NAME = 'mailmanweb.db'

You can see a list of all the default configurations supported: